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Hawaii’s Fee-Only Financial Advisor to Women and the LGBTQ Community

“We help you make sense of your financial life
so you can achieve your dreams.”

—Joanna Amberger, CFP®, Founder

When you’re looking for a financial advisor, you’ve got no shortage of choices.  But it’s important to find the right fit.

That’s because money is intensely personal.  Many people never get organized and on track financially, so they constantly live a life of stress.

At 3 Financial, we’re known for being compassionate and supportive.  We know talking about money and changing spending habits can be uncomfortable.  So we help you (and your partner or family members) get past that….so you can begin achieving your financial goals. 

17 Billion Reasons to Choose Carefully

As importantly, we’re also a fee-only firm, to help protect you and your money from conflicts of interest.  That may not seem that critical, but it is…the Council for Economic Advisors, a government task force, published a 1995 report that estimated that “conflicted advice” costs American investors over $17 billion a year.

Read the report summary here >>.

Advice, Not Sales

At 3 Financial, we’re proud to have a truly consumer-friendly business model, where your interests always come first.  That means you only pay for advice; there are no sales and no commissions involved.  We also act as your legal fiduciary, meaning we are legally committed to always putting your interests first.   

Certifications and Experience

Along with the right business model and ethics, you need a financial advisor that is experienced and skilled enough to navigate today’s complex landscape.

At 3 Financial, you’ll always work directly with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who has demonstrated broad knowledge of personal financial management.  Also, we have significant experience helping people like you through a variety of economic and market cycles.

Learn more about our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. >>


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Our customized life and wealth coaching helps you identify personal and financial goals so you can build sustainable wealth over time.

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