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Helping Hawaii’s Women and LGBTQ Community Master Their Finances

Why women and the LGBTQ community?  That’s because these groups are frequently pushed to the fringes of financial decision-making and, as a result, experience fiscal and emotional consequences that can affect them for a lifetime.

Does that mean we exclude men from our practice?  Not at all.  When a couple comes to us, we make extra effort to make sure the duo is treated equitably and that everyone has a full understanding of everything we do.  Same-sex couples may have similar dynamics.

Let’s face it: there’s nothing simple about planning your financial future, and both women and men struggle to make sense of the vast universe of financial options available today.  Without objective and knowledgeable coordination and evaluation, all too often individuals and couples end up with a jumble of disconnected financial pieces.  Often that means they are unknowingly taking too much risk…or not enough.

At 3 Financial, we bring all of these pieces together into a comprehensive, cohesive plan that is focused on accomplishing what is truly important: your desires for yourself and those you love.

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