Our Unique Approach

Financial Planning in Harmony with
Your Values

Money is inherently emotional and many times, it becomes too important, or not important enough, in our lives.  That imbalance can lead to either financial stress or shortfalls in other parts of our lives.

That’s why we believe it is extremely important to have a healthy relationship with money.  That means balance.  That’s why we approach financial planning and investing differently, using a holistic approach.

The result?

You’ll have a financial plan that is in harmony with your values and life dreams.  So you can feel good about your success….not guilty.  And most importantly, you’ll feel confident and optimistic about your future.

Our Process

Our personalized process takes you on a journey to identify what you want most in life, then determines the best path for you to get there.  Really, it’s more than financial planning…it’s life planning.  In the process, we’ll work together to help you prioritize action steps, pay off debt, increase your savings, invest appropriately for your goals, and prepare for your best future.

Everything we do is completely confidential and non-judgmental.  Money can be uncomfortable for all of us to talk about, but with practice, it becomes easier and eventually, enjoyable.  On the journey, we’re there to help you avoid mistakes and make decisions that keep you moving toward your big goals…not farther away.

Step 1:  Discovery

Initial conversations help us learn about you, your needs, concerns, and goals.  You will have questions for us, too. We’ll also talk in-depth about your values, goals, and dreams.  That helps us fully understand your priorities and the direction you want your life to take.

Step 2:  Fact find

In this step, we’ll begin defining your starting point.  So we’ll get to work organizing details and asking you specific questions about your financial situation.  We’ll also mutually define your personal and financial goals and discuss your thoughts and attitudes on taking risk (which is important for managing your investments in a way you feel comfortable with).

Step 3:  Planning

We will take all of this information and analyze it to turn it into a clear road map for achieving your goals.  This step will include analyzing your situation and coming up with strategies and options that will help you on that journey.

Step 4:  Review

In this step, we’ll present your draft financial plan to you.  We will review all recommendations with you and help you understand them, so you can be fully informed.  We’ll revise our recommendations as needed based on your feedback, comments, and questions.

Step 5:  Implementation

Once we’ve finalized and you have approved your financial plan, it will be ready for implementation.  We’ll get started carrying out our recommendations with you.  With your permission, when needed, we’ll also coordinate with your accountant or attorney, to save you time.

Step 6:  Monitoring

It’s not always easy to stay on track with our goals, so we’ll help with ongoing support and coaching.  Then, when your life changes, we’ll work with you to update the plan so you can stay on track to achieving your goals.

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