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Financial Planning Requires the Right Strategy

How many people do you meet who achieve their life dreams?  Probably not many…and usually, because there’s no money for it.  That’s why you need a great financial plan!  It can mean the difference between a life of constant financial stress and a life where you achieve far beyond what you’ve imagined.

Of course, it’s not magic.  Successful financial planning requires the right strategy, then successful implementation.

But staying on track isn’t always easy.  At 3 Financial, that’s why we’re here.  We are passionate about helping you plan for your best life….then we’re here to help you achieve it!

What should you expect?

When you work with 3 Financial, we use a holistic approach that takes into account your entire financial life, not just your investments.  Our financial planning model, which is brought to you by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, is based on the concept of the ‘three friends of winter’.

Originating from early Chinese literature and paintings, the “three friends of winter” are pine, bamboo, and plum.  The term has origins in the literary writings by Lin Jingxi, back in the 12th century.

Why these three plants? As cold weather approaches, most plants begin to shed leaves and look lifeless.  However, these “three friends” seem to do the opposite, thriving in winter’s tough conditions.  These three plants then became symbols of strength in adversity:

  • The pine tree is steadfast and strong, no matter what is happening around it
  • The bamboo is flexible and resilient, bending to whatever force it encounters
  • The plum tree blossoms at the end of winter, always maintaining hope

This is what we strive to create with your financial plan:  a plan that will help you achieve good times, but also help you thrive through tough times.

Most importantly, it becomes your road map so you can see where you’re starting from, where you’re going, and monitor your progress all along the way.

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