I understand the Coronavirus fears continue to expand in the US. I am wondering if this has now taken on a life of its own based on fear. John Hopkins reports that there are already 100,000 known cases worldwide, and there will likely be a lot more, but it will pale to comparison with the regular flu, which infects 1 billion people annually and kills over 300,000 people per year.

The stock (and bond) market move has been swift, and it appears it will continue as the media reports on more Coronavirus cases. We can’t predict nor control either one, so it is best to simply focus on what we can do that is within our control.

Interest rates are very low, and going lower today. If you haven’t refinanced your mortgage for a year or longer, you may want to look into it. This short term fear can turn into significant financial savings in the long-term. I can provide whatever documentation you need for the loan officer.

The stock market may go down in value some more. So long as there is uncertainty and fear mongering, we can expect it to go lower. But this also can be a great opportunity to profit over others’ fear. During these times the best thing to do is not look. Take a trip and turn off the media. The markets will do what they will do. And we will attempt to take advantage when we can.

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